March 3rd, 2015

“Smoke Show” Now Available!

Lovestruck Robot Releases Official Music Video for latest single Smoke Show

Orlando, FL March 3, 2015 – Brand new official music video for “Smoke Show” can be found on YouTube with the latest single available for download on iTunes

Orlando band Lovestruck Robot is at it again with the release of their latest music video entitled “Smoke Show.” It’s an upbeat feel good song, featuring the pop vocal talents of singer-songwriter Jace Magee. It has a great hook with a strong upbeat contemporary throwback feel. The “Smoke Show” music video came about when Jace and a few buddies were out one evening and they walked into a place. It happened to have an exceptional amount of beautiful women in it. He looked at his friends and said “welcome to the Smoke Show.” The next day the song “Smoke Show” was born.

This song secedes the success of “Random Hi5s” in 2013 which hit the Sirius XM “Top 20 on 20” charts making the top five for several weeks next to some of the hottest artists of the year including Bastille and The 1975.

Buy “Smoke Show” on iTunes today .Smoke Show LSR


March 15th, 2014

“Leprechaun” now on iTunes!

In celebration of the success of our last hit single we thought we’d throw this fun music video together for our song “Leprechaun” now available on iTunes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! Check it out and let us know how many shamrocks you’d give it!

January 14th, 2014

“Random Hi5’s” #4 Most Played

Lovestruck Robot’s newest hit, “Random Hi5’s” is officially the #4 Most Played Song on Sirius XM “20 on 20” station next to artists like Bastille (No. 1) and followed by pop sensations Demi Lovato (No. 5), Panic! at the Disco (No. 6) and The 1975 (No. 7) according to Media Base.

This week the music video for “Random Hi5’s” cracked 27,000 views and counting on YouTube. People can’t seem to get enough of the music video and its catchy tune! Not to mention the song is being downloaded off iTunes across the nation, according to iTunes.

With the recent success Lovestruck Robot is trying harder than ever to get the attention of top commercial radio stations to have their music played on your local radio station!

Here are the Top 10 Markets for “Random Hi5’s” according to iTunes:
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Washington DC
Boston, MA
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Phoenix, AZ
Charlotte, NC
Philadelphia, PA
Dallas, TX

The fans have spoken, they have voted, and they are succeeding in helping bring Lovestruck Robot to the top!

December 3rd, 2013

Lovestruck Robot is back on Sirius XM!

Following the excitement of releasing the official music video for “Random Hi5s” just two months ago, the news of this new hit now being played internationally on Sirius XM “Top 20 on 20” has stirred up even more commotion!

Sirius XM Random Hi5s

It seems like just a few months ago that “Do It All for the Dream” received over 500 spins and was reaching as high as #2 on the  Sirius XM “Top 20 on 20” countdown.  This station is known for mixing up their playlist with well known artists and up and coming artists, giving the listener the opportunity to “Discover the newest Pop sounds before they have the chance to become hits.”

If you like what you hear and want to help keep us being played more on Sirius XM Top 20 on 20 please vote! Our fans are our core and without you we would not have gotten this far! Let’s keep it up and show the world how we “Do It All for the Dream” all over again.


Also, tag us in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and be sure to let us know when you hear “Random Hi5’s” on the radio!


September 27th, 2013


Lovestruck Robot Releases Official Music Video of “Random Hi5s”

Orlando, FL September 27, 2013 – The official music video for Lovestruck Robot’s newest single, “Random Hi5s,” can be found on YouTube today.

Written by lead singer Jace Magee he describes it as an upbeat and fun song that everyone can dance and sing along to, which he nailed on the head. Magee’s inspiration for “Random Hi 5’s” was shaped by his desire to meet new people and make new friends.  He delivers a message similar to the “can’t we all just get along” mentality. With lyrics everyone can enjoy and a catchy hook even your grandmother could tap her toes to, the song has taken off.

In the music video, Lovestruck Robot’s playful sense of humor and fun attitudes really set the mood for the song. You can find them poking fun at each other, showing off their dance moves, and don’t forget the sexy metallic robot dancers who seem to bring the whole thing together.

Magee hopes the music video for their single “Random Hi5s” attracts national attention from all Lovestruck Robot fans and music industry personnel alike.

Watch the “Random Hi5s” music video here for yourself and stay tuned with the band via Facebook.


Contact: Liza Saturday, Lovestruck Robot Publicity


July 19th, 2013

“Random Hi5’s” now on iTunes!!

Lovestruck Robot has released their new hit single, “Random Hi5’s” to iTunes and it is now available!

“Random Hi5’s” is not only available on iTunes but will be performed live for the first time when Lovestruck Robot headlines the Orlando Rocks! show on July 27th at the House of Blues Orlando.


Purchase Lovestruck Robot’s new hit single “Random Hi5’s” on iTunes today. Physical copies of the single will be available for purchase at the House of Blues Orlando show on July 27th. For more information about their show and your chance to see them perform their new music live for free email with your name, address and number of tickets desired.


July 8th, 2013

An Interview with Lead Singer Jace Magee

What has Lovestruck Robot been up to lately?
Jace: We have been super busy! Still doing shows all over Florida, and trying to drill songs into your heads lol. We’ve been in the studio working on some new songs. We’re not sure if we are going to release a full album, an EP, or just a single at a time, but it’s so refreshing and exciting to be in the studio and create again. It feels good.
How would you describe the new songs you guys have been working on?
The new songs we’re working on are called “Leprechaun” and “Random High Fives.” They are fun, upbeat songs that everyone can jam to and sing along with.
What was your inspiration for these new songs?
Well it’s been quite a roller coaster the last two years..One song “Leprechaun” is about a new relationship and a new love that was experienced…without getting into too much detail lol, and “Random High Fives” is about…let’s just say…making friends with strangers.
When are you going into the studio to record?
We are doing the finishing touches on the the debut single this week, and going into post..(mixing/mastering) the following week. Woohoo!
So.. when do we get a sneak peak?
We will have the single available at our House of Blues show Saturday, July 27th, and will also be performing the two new songs live.
Oh, well that’s definitely something to look forward to..where can we get tickets?
You can message us through our Facebook page or email with your name, address and how many tickets you want. We’ll send them to you ourselves and then just come to the show! It’s our first time headlining at the HOB so we want to pack the place out, bring everyone you know!
July 7th, 2013

Lovestruck Robot to headline and debut new single at House of Blues this month

Lovestruck Robot is the headlining act at the Orlando Rocks! show on Saturday, July 27 at the House of Blues Orlando.

“The lineup is really cool, with four great bands,” says lead singer Jace Magee. “It’s going to be the ultimate Orlando summer show. You can expect to hear the tunes that you already know and love from the “I Wanna be in a Band” album, and we’re also debuting a few songs from the new upcoming EP.”

Lovestruck Robot, who in the past couple years has begun by releasing their debut album “I Wanna Be in a Band,” to being guests on morning news shows and to receiving over 500 spins on Sirius XM’s “Top 20 on 20” station, is not only proving they have the guts to take on the music industry but that they have the talent it takes to succeed.

“It feels good to be closing out the show, and we’re honored that House of Blues is giving us this opportunity,” Magee says. “It adds a lot of pressure to deliver an amazing show and live up to the expectations, but I’m confident that LSR will not disappoint.”

Doors open at 7pm and Lovestruck Robot goes on at 11pm. Other artists include Stockholm, Empire Theory, and W.E.R.M.

For more concert and ticket information, visit Ticketmaster. To receive your free tickets to the show sent to you free of charge email with your name, address, and number of tickets desired.


May 1st, 2013

Doin it all for the dream…

Florida Music Festival 2013 held in downtown Orlando, FL hosted more than 200 bands with over 25,000 fans throughout the weekend. Lovestruck Robot performed Saturday afternoon to top players in the industry as well as fans at the Wall Street Plaza II stage. In addition to the live music packing every venue downtown for the weekend during the daytime there were also informative and inspiring seminars for artists and industry professionals to attend including speakers Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate & Jack’s Mannequin), Arthur Sims (Wright Entertainment Group), Steve Robertson (VP of A&R Atlantic Records), Sterling Bacon (Red Light Management), and many more.

For more photos of Lovestruck Robot and other bands that performed visit our Facebook or check out fans who posted about the festival like FuzzyHeadPhonez.

April 2nd, 2013

Florida Music Festival 2013

Lovestruck Robot will be performing at this year’s Florida Music Festival in Orlando on Saturday, April 20th at 6:30pm on the Wall Street Plaza II Stage. Other artists that day include Fusebox Poet, Casey Shea, A Brilliant Lie, Victims of Circumstance, and Almost Kings. Also, be sure to check out Macy Kate at 11am in the Gibson Showroom and our friends Built to Be Broken on the Mainstage at 10pm. The festival is from April 17th-April 20th so if you can make sure you come out and check out the talented artists that will be there! More info here.

Quick Recap: Lovestruck Robot 4/20 @ 6:30pm on Wall Street Plaza II Stage