September 27th, 2013


Lovestruck Robot Releases Official Music Video of “Random Hi5s”

Orlando, FL September 27, 2013 – The official music video for Lovestruck Robot’s newest single, “Random Hi5s,” can be found on YouTube today.

Written by lead singer Jace Magee he describes it as an upbeat and fun song that everyone can dance and sing along to, which he nailed on the head. Magee’s inspiration for “Random Hi 5’s” was shaped by his desire to meet new people and make new friends.  He delivers a message similar to the “can’t we all just get along” mentality. With lyrics everyone can enjoy and a catchy hook even your grandmother could tap her toes to, the song has taken off.

In the music video, Lovestruck Robot’s playful sense of humor and fun attitudes really set the mood for the song. You can find them poking fun at each other, showing off their dance moves, and don’t forget the sexy metallic robot dancers who seem to bring the whole thing together.

Magee hopes the music video for their single “Random Hi5s” attracts national attention from all Lovestruck Robot fans and music industry personnel alike.

Watch the “Random Hi5s” music video here for yourself and stay tuned with the band via Facebook.


Contact: Liza Saturday, Lovestruck Robot Publicity