July 8th, 2013

An Interview with Lead Singer Jace Magee

What has Lovestruck Robot been up to lately?
Jace: We have been super busy! Still doing shows all over Florida, and trying to drill songs into your heads lol. We’ve been in the studio working on some new songs. We’re not sure if we are going to release a full album, an EP, or just a single at a time, but it’s so refreshing and exciting to be in the studio and create again. It feels good.
How would you describe the new songs you guys have been working on?
The new songs we’re working on are called “Leprechaun” and “Random High Fives.” They are fun, upbeat songs that everyone can jam to and sing along with.
What was your inspiration for these new songs?
Well it’s been quite a roller coaster the last two years..One song “Leprechaun” is about a new relationship and a new love that was experienced…without getting into too much detail lol, and “Random High Fives” is about…let’s just say…making friends with strangers.
When are you going into the studio to record?
We are doing the finishing touches on the the debut single this week, and going into post..(mixing/mastering) the following week. Woohoo!
So.. when do we get a sneak peak?
We will have the single available at our House of Blues show Saturday, July 27th, and will also be performing the two new songs live.
Oh, well that’s definitely something to look forward to..where can we get tickets?
You can message us through our Facebook page or email fans@lovestruckrobot.com with your name, address and how many tickets you want. We’ll send them to you ourselves and then just come to the show! It’s our first time headlining at the HOB so we want to pack the place out, bring everyone you know!